Monday, January 29, 2007

France Horseback Riding Vacations

France Horseback Riding Vacations

Horseback riding is an adventurous activity and when you can taste the best wines along the way the result can be exhilarating. That is exactly what you can expect if you are on a horseback riding vacation in France’s Bordeaux Trail. The noblest wines are produced in the Gironde area, notable among which are Cote de Blaye, Bordeaux Superior, Lalande, Medoc, Saint-Emilion, etc.

The Gironde area is very picturesque with rich agricultural land, sandy beaches, mountains, farms, castles and meadows. A large part of this area still maintains its pristine ambience. You will be able to tour the vineyards on the way and enjoy tasting the wines. You can visit the magnificent castle, Blaye Citadel, which has a very large garden completely covered with flowers.

The horses available here are of mixed breed conforming to the French saddle variety. Small hotels and farmhouses will serve as your accommodation on the way.

Loire Valley Trail Ride: Horseback Riding Vacation in France
Beautiful chateaux line up the banks of the Loire River along with the Loire Valley which is abundantly endowed with rolling hills, sunflower fields, forests and vineyards. The horseback riding experience at the Loire Valley Trail will take the rider along vineyards, forests, chateaux and castles in a relaxed atmosphere.
The Chateau de Menetou-Salon and a chateaux for wine tasting will come along your route and you can enjoy the ride through forests and wildlife when you are in the "Sologne" area. As you come near the castle of La Verrerie in the evening, its reflection in the magical lake will simply enchant you. The fortress at La Chapelle d'Angillon is a good place for picnics and for visiting the castle.

Provence Inn-to-Inn Ride: France Horseback Riding Vacation
The Luberon region of Provence is ideal for horseback riding as it is full of vineyards, fields of lavender and olive groves. Starting from the base of the Luberon Mountain Range you can ride higher each day along roads and trails which are a forgotten reminder of the past. You can enjoy the sight of the Mediterranean Sea, the Alps and Provence, all at the same time.

Riding a Camargue or Selle Francais horse and being led by an English-speaking guide, you will have the best experience of your life. At noon, you can expect an excellent picnic lunch and at night a most relaxing shower and a comfortable bath. This horseback riding vacation lasts for six nights and five days and takes you through the lower part of the French Alps on the road to Lourdes.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Learning How to Ride a Horse

Learning How to Ride a Horse

Learning how to ride a horse can be lots of fun. Whether you want to ride for the feeling of freedom or you are just a horse lover, it can be very rewarding. With just some basic equipment and a good teacher you can be on the way to having hours of fun on a horse.

There are many different styles of horse riding that one can choose to learn. The main horse riding styles are Western and English. Western style is easier to learn and not as strict as English style. If you are just riding for fun, look for an instructor that will teach Western style. Although, if you think you might be interested in riding for show, it might be important to learn the English style.

When taking riding lessons make sure you let your instructor know that you are a beginner. This way they will put you on a horse that is slower and well trained. It is important that you get a horse that is easy to ride for your safety and your confidence.

When looking for an instructor, it is best to ask around and see who people recommend, not just responding to an ad in an advertisement. Some professional instructors will have teaching certifications and first aid training. Other instructors have just learned from others and are willing to teach you. No matter who you choose make sure they have a personality that you get along with. Also make sure that they teach the style you want to learn.

Safely should be your number one concern when learning to ride. Always be sure to wear a helmet and long pants in case you fall off. Many people don't wear a helmet when riding a horse, but it should be required apparel for anyone riding a horse.

The equipment you need for the horse is called tack. This includes everything from the saddle to the reins and stirrups. This can be expensive to buy on your own. Usually the instructor can provide the equipment. It is important that you check over the saddle and reins before each ride for signs of wear and for a proper fit.

Learning to ride a horse can bring a tremendous sense of freedom. By finding a good instructor and a caring horse you are well on your way. Remember horses are very powerful animals so always be sure to wear your helmet and ride with friends. Accidents can happen when you least expect them.

Buying a Horse

Buying a Horse

Having a horse is a major responsibility which should not be taken lightly. When deciding to buy a horse there are many factors to consider. It is a good idea to talk to current horse owners about their experiences, and even take riding lessons so you are more experienced with basic horse husbandry.

There are many places you can buy a horse from. These can include auctions and private owners. No matter where you buy your horse from it is important you get a thorough history from the owner, as well having a pre-purchase exam done by a veterinarian. Doing these two things can save you a lot of money and stress.

When choosing the type of horse to buy, there are over 350 different breeds of horses to consider. But the main thing to look for is the temperament of the horse. If this is your first horse you should choose a horse that is calm. It would also be best to buy a horse that is already trained.

The age of the horse is probably not as important as the temperament. But the age is an important factor to consider. Horses can live up to 30 years. Choosing a horse that has had several years of training is probably the most important factor.

Once you have purchased your horse you have to decide on where to board your horse. If you are lucky, you have a farm to keep the horse at. But a lot of people will have to keep the horse at a boarding stable which can be costly.

Another consideration you need to think about before buying a horse is how much time do you have to devote to the horse. Horses need to be fed twice a day, stalls need to be cleaned, and training needs to be done. Having a horse, or any pet is a major time commitment. Please give this serious thought before buying any pet.

Money is a big factor in deciding to buy a horse. There are many costs that people may not think about before buying a horse. Boarding fees, stable fees, feed, and tackle can add up to a big bill. Also, do not forget that if your horse gets sick you need to pay a large veterinarian bill as well.

These are just some of the considerations you need to think about before buying a horse. By doing research before you purchase a horse you can save yourself a lot of time and money